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Handicraft store 


 handicraft, wine and liquor store





Yo Amo México is a shop devoted to promote 100% Mexican handicraft, carefully selected in order to offer high quality products in a welcoming environment, where every detail is relevant.




At Yo Amo México, we also sell wine and liquor at wholesale or retail. Here, you will find wines from the main wine-making areas in the world, always favoring wines produced inMexico. You will also find a wide range of liquor at affordable prices.


As you come into the shop, you will notice a warm environment. Customers take their time to visit the shop and carefully choose their handicrafts, wine or tequila bottles to enjoy during their stay in this beautiful island, to celebrate a special occasion with a sparkling wine under the starred sky, or a meeting with friends with a bottle of excellent Cuban rum.


At Yo Amo México you will find everything necessary to have a good time and enjoy this Caribbean paradise.

+52 (984) 875 2169

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