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We offer several practical tips you should consider when traveling to Holbox below:



imagenes/007PASSPORT.jpg1.- Make sure you keep with you all your personal documents and those of the people traveling with you (passports, visas, personal IDs, driving license, insurance policy, etc.)

2.- Make yourself familiar with the local laws in order to avoid breaching any of such.



3.- If you travel with baggage, make sure to keep it with you when getting on and off any transportation means.

4.- As possible, make sure to bring enough cash, since some tour and service providers do not accept payments with credit or debit cards.


5.- Mexicois a safe place and Holbox, being a small island, is even safer. Though, visit only busy places, with continuous traffic, and well-lighted areas.

6.- Be aware of the currency exchange rates and exchange currency only at authorized establishments. Most businesses in the island accept foreign currency; however, some of them use a lower rate than provided by law.

7.-Since Holbox is in a tropical area, mosquitoes proliferate. Do not forget to use insect repellent.



8.- In Mexico, electric current ranges from 110v to 220v, connections are monophasic and, some times, biphasic. Do not forget your current adapter.

9.- Though tap water in Holbox is potable, due to the high content of minerals in the subsoil, it is not proper for human usage. Therefore, it is always preferable to drink bottled water.




imagenes/007family.jpg10.- If you are in medical therapy, do not forget to bring enough drug supplies. InMexico, many antibiotics and some other drugs are sold under control. Therefore, if you are considering buying such during you stay inMexico, do not forget to ask your physician for a prescription and bring it with you.




We want you to have a wonderful stay even before you arrive. Come and enjoy yourself!




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