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We offer terrestrial transportation service from/to Cancún, Mérida, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum; and aerial transportation from/to Cancún and Mérida.

Terrestrial transportation includes:

imagenes/Van.jpgPrivate or shared van (as required): Airport-Chiquila’s harbor.

Maritime transportation by ferry or private boat: Holbox’s harbor

Transportation from Holbox’s harbor to the hotel. Return on the same route, as requested. Approx. 2 hrs.



Aerial transportation includes:



Private light aircraft from the terminal (Cancun/Mérida International Airport).

Transportation from Holbox’s landing track to the hotel.

Transportation time fromCancun: 20 min. Time from Mérida:1:15hrs.

We offer a light aircraft for 5 people and small suitcases, and light aircrafts for 13 people with small suitcases.

+52 (984) 875 2169

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